Kalihi Kai Principal's Message

Principal's Message

I love this season of gratitude because it has the Thanksgiving Holiday, a day when we all give thanks for our blessings. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with your wonderful children. I feel so privileged to also be working with an outstanding staff that cares about children and their success. Thank you all as we work together to have each child discover their gifts and to find success through their gifts...

7 Habits!

Habit #1 is “Be Proactive!” Being proactive means to take initiative. Like doing what needs to be done without being told.

A student who has homework can be proactive by doing their homework right after class.

Kalihi Kai Teacher Feature

Acceptable Use

Students from room 32 act out important things to remember while using your chromebook.

Can you guess what they want us to remember? Check out the rest of the 4th grade rooms by clicking the link below.

Kalihi Kai Robotics

Have You Heard About Yoga?

Yoga is awesome because it is fun and can also calm you! Yoga can also take all the stress out of you. Yoga Club is for 4th and 5th grade students. Thank you Ms.Mackenzie and Ms.Bossler! :)

Kalihi Kai Yearbook

Student Council Induction Ceremony

We recently had a student council Induction Ceremony. The ceremony was to introduce the Student Council officers to the upper grade classes. Thank you for pledging your time and service to our school.
Off to a great year!

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