Kalihi Kai Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Time for new growth! This year our students are showing some amazing growth! We have had 2 cycles of Response to Intervention and many students are showing almost a year’s growth in only 6 months! This means the strategies and interventions our teachers are learning to use, are working for many of our students. Praise your child for their effort they put in to trying their best. Encouraging their effort and hard work is most important to helping your child believe they can do better.

7 Habits!

Habit #1 is “Be Proactive!” Being proactive means to take initiative. Like doing what needs to be done without being told.

A student who has homework can be proactive by doing their homework right after class.

7 Habits


Save the date! On April 6th is our Hō‘ike! We are in the midst of preparing and rehearsals will soon start. The children will be sharing a dance for each grade level. It is a whole school effort and all students will be performing! Be on the lookout for how you can help out.

Kalihi Kai Robotics

Have You Heard About Yoga?

Yoga is awesome because it is fun and can also calm you! Yoga can also take all the stress out of you. Yoga Club is for 4th and 5th grade students. Thank you Ms.Mackenzie and Ms.Bossler! :)

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Student Council Induction Ceremony

We recently had a student council Induction Ceremony. The ceremony was to introduce the Student Council officers to the upper grade classes. Thank you for pledging your time and service to our school.
Off to a great year!

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