Kalihi Kai Mission Vision

Principal's Message

I hope you are all excited about our new year as a TLIM (The Leader in Me) school. We are one of 6 schools in Hawaii and one of over 2,000 across the globe.

You are all Masterpieces in my heart. Each one unique with gifts that can contribute to our collective wisdom. Let’s keep the 7 Habits alive and hold each other accountable to trying to live the habits.

Make it the best year ever! It is within your choice. Begin with the end in mind (the best year ever). The do first things first to ensure you are working towards your goal to make it the best year ever!

Remember if you have questions about anything, come and see me. We also have school supplies if some children did not bring what they need. If you discover you need something we might have it, so come and ask. Talk to you next week.

Sincerely, Laura Vines Principal